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Univ of Iowa Hawkeyes - Wrestling Camps
 Iowa Wrestling Camps
Intensive Training Camp
June 29th - July 9th, 2014
Ages: 10 - 18
Check-In Location: Hillcrest Residence Hall
Check-In Time: 2:00-4:00pm
$1,195 for Resident
$690 for Coach
$410 for Coach (Group of 10+ Wrestlers)
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Training camp is for the ultimate competitor. In this camp you will learn the three most critical aspects of wrestling: technique, conditioning and strength. Through drilling, conditioning, live wrestling and coach's direction you will develop your body and mind to become an explosive performer on the mat. You will be exposed to an entire NCAA Championship Season with a proven formula of peaks and valleys in your training, as well as learning in-season and out of season lifting programs. Training camp will focus on match preparation including focus, relaxation, warm up and weight control. You will be pushed beyond your comfort zone and take your performance to a whole new level. Led by National, World and Olympic Champions, this camp will give you a mental edge to dominate your opponents.

Your stay at camp is 11 days long, very intensive, and you will need to do laundry during your stay. Consider bringing 10-12 complete sets of workout clothes (including knee pads). The housing card you receive at check-in will cover your laundry expenses (4 loads of wash and 4 loads of drying) in Hillcrest dormitory. Personal hygiene and cleanliness are extremely important in this camp and will be stressed every day of the camp.

What to Bring

For all camps, bring disinfectant or cleansing soap (such as Dial). You may need to change work-out clothes 3-4 times a day, so 10-12 sets is not unreasonable (laundry facilities are available). A set of work-out clothes includes a t-shirt, socks, shorts, knee pads, etc. Training campers will also need to bring running shoes and a jump rope.

  • T-Shirts (Mark your name in large print on the back of most of your workout t-shirts, this will help coaches identify you.)
  • Wrestling Shoes
  • Head Gear
  • Mouth Guards